Capture the start of a new begin, its part of the enjoyment of being pregnant. Our maternity session can include your partner and older siblings of your precious bundle.


  1. Colors – we prefer solid colors: white, black, brown, gray.
  2. Fabrics – look for thin clingy, not necessarily tight, fabrics with a little stretch.
  3. Pants – jeans (any color), black pants (yoga pants work well). It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing maternity jeans with a big, stretchy band, still works.
  4. Dresses – these can be incredibly sophisticated and sexy, but choose carefully. Look for dresses that cling to your shape, not the loose, comfortable style.
  5. Tops – big, white, button-down, slightly rumpled men’s shirt. Any shirt or cardigan that opens down the front works well.
  6. Sleeves – Long sleeved shirts tend to be the most flattering, but sleeveless and spaghetti straps also work.
  7. Necklines – select v-necks, squarenecks, turtlenecks or deep scoop necks.
  8. Tanks or camisoles – anything clingy, fitted or stretchy in solid colours.
  9. Jewelry & watches – in general, avoid them (unless there’s a really good story behind the piece). The BIG exception is wedding and engagement rings! Classic, small and tasteful pieces like pearl or diamond studs make sense and are totally appropriate.
  10. Special & unique –  We have an arrangement of  luxurious fabrics and lace that can be used for your session, and we now have a new range of maternity gowns to make your photos more glamourous.
  11. Under garments –  We highly recommend a strapless bra, black, white or coloured or if those monsters have grown oversized, a nice bra with straps works. Avoid maternity bras as they aren’t the most flattering for photos. Cute little black, white or coloured panties to make you feel extra special.
  12. Partner clothing – we prefer solid colors: white, black, brown, gray. Jeans or black pants. No shorts. No prints!


Contact us to make your booking.  If your interested in our baby plans ( a series of multiple sessions through the first year of your childs life, at a reduced price) click here.